Beguiling and abrasive, Gwendolyn blankets the Indie Pop and Post Rock genres, creating a cinematic soundscape of raw honesty and haunting nostalgia that makes you want to get lost in her smokey wonderland.

“Her music is just what my soul needed.” 

- Mark Sutherland, Static Beach Radio 

“This voice of an angel. Gwendolyn is a mesmerizing masterpiece.”  

- Robin DiMaggio, Music Director, United Nations 

“Her vocals nail the emotion every time.”  

- Robin Frederick, A&R Director, Rhino Records

Previous events

Gwendolyn Acoustic at The Standing Room

The Standing Room, 1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Hey friends,

We've heard you say: we loved your show, but wish we could hear all the words (over the noise from all the cheering fans, not important). Well since we generally think all y'all are pretty kickass, we listened and we're playing an all acoustic gig for you Friday, March 23rd at 9!

All female lineup - yeah TIMES UP baby. Mark your calendars. Hire your bebesitters. Schedule your blowouts. Dan and Dave will be wearing dresses in solidarity.

See you there dudes!

PS. It's our first time playing here - whaaaaat?

PPS. They have really good burgers. And whiskey.

PPPS. Whiskey!!

Gwendolyn, her rad band & You!

Saint Rocke, 142 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Ladies and Fellas, we are back!

After a little break while Gwen made a person, we are back at it and can't wait to perform for you! With new inspiration, we have a lot to share. It will be such a joy to look out onto all of your gorgeous, sexy faces again, while baring our soul and maybe some decolletage... (breastfeeding has its perks).

Opening for Pine Mountain Logs!

Can't wait to make a rad comeback with you rad people!

Band: Dave Rodgers - guitar Daniel Bertsch - cello Elliott Samson - drums Missy Owens - backup vocals Gwendolyn Edwards - lead vox, keys Chris Karkenny - hot roadie who knocked up Gwen

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Love, G


Sagebrush Cantina, Calabassas, CA

LA Calendar Motorcycle show Gwendolyn Edwards band performing with American Idol's Alex Nester at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and Concourse d' Elegance at the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, Sat. 7/25. Sets at 11:45am & 1:30pm