GWENDOLYN is an American singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her impactful and highly passionate songwriting blankets the Indie and Cinematic Rock genres with a beguiling soundscape of haunting nostalgia and raw honesty.  With a fast growing following built from her live performances and singles, GWENDOLYN is about to release her first EP titled "Absinthe." 



Originally shy of performing her own music, Gwendolyn began her music journey behind the scenes writing for film scores, soundtracks and even music for the United Nations.  Then one New Years Eve she decided to take a friend's dare to conquer a fear and performed one of her songs at an open mic.  The experience was terrifying, but Gwendolyn kept performing her songs secretly at open mics around Los Angeles.  Within two months she was discovered by a prominent booking agent and began booking solo gigs across LA.  Today Gwendolyn and her band perform regularly at little known LA establishments like The Troubadour, House of Blues, The Lighthouse and Saint Rocke.  

Besides writing, selling and performing her music, Gwendolyn is a devoted mother to her 3 year old aspiring musician/princess/astronaut daughter. 

Style: Indie Pop and cinematic Post Rock 
Comparisons and Influences:  Aimee Mann, Ruelle, Zella Day, Fleurie, SVRCINA, Evanescence, Christina Perri, Lana Del Rey, Damien Rice, Unsecret, Tori Amos, Allison Krauss, Eva Cassidy. 


“Her music is just what my soul needed.”   
- Mark Sutherland, Static Beach Radio 

“This voice of an angel.  Gwendolyn is a mesmerizing masterpiece.”  
Robin DiMaggio, Music Director, United Nations 

“Her vocals nail the emotion every time.”  
- Robin Frederick, A&R Director, Rhino Records, producer and author

Gwendolyn's music has been featured in the following TV and Films

Her Story

"Best Soundtrack" - 2014 Indie Series Awards
"Best Song in a Movie Soundtrack" - Los Angeles Music Awards 
"Outstanding Score In A Feature Film" - Sundance, Park City Film Music Festival





Gwendolyn's Los Angeles band includes:

Dave Rodgers (guitar)

Daniel Bertsch (cello)

Elliott Samson (drums)

Gwendolyn (vox, keys, lyrics & music)