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 GWENDOLYN hails from a cinematic background having spent time both in front of and behind the camera in several films and TV series.  This experience left its mark on her music, giving it an atmospheric landscape that blankets the lush emotion in her lyrics.  She has leveraged her background in cinema to license her music to several films, TV shows and reality series like MTV Real World.  Lush and ethereal, sensual and haunting, GWENDOLYN is an emerging artist in the Indie Pop genre. 


“Her music is just what my soul needed.”   
- Mark Sutherland, Static Beach Radio 

 “This voice of an angel.  Gwendolyn is a mesmerizing masterpiece.”  
- Robin DiMaggio, United Nations Music Director



“Her vocals nail the emotion every time.”   
- Robin Frederick, Rhino Records former director of A&R, producer and author


Gwendolyn's music has been featured in the following films & series 

Her Story



"Best Soundtrack" - 2014 Indie Series Awards
"Best Song in a Movie Soundtrack" - Los Angeles Music Awards 
"Outstanding Score In A Feature Film" - Sundance, Park City Film Music Festival