Gwendolyn Edwards is an American singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Beguiling and abrasive, Gwendolyn blankets the Indie Pop and Post Rock genres with a cinematic soundscape of raw honesty and haunting nostalgia all her own. With a fast growing following built from her live performances and singles, Gwendolyn is about to release her first EP titled "Absinthe."  


“Her music is just what my soul needed.”   
- Mark Sutherland, Static Beach Radio 

“This voice of an angel.  Gwendolyn is a mesmerizing masterpiece.”  
Robin DiMaggio, Music Director, United Nations 

“Her vocals nail the emotion every time.”  
- Robin Frederick, A&R Director, Rhino Records, producer and author

Gwendolyn's music has been featured in the following TV and Films

Her Story

"Best Soundtrack" - 2014 Indie Series Awards
"Best Song in a Movie Soundtrack" - Los Angeles Music Awards 
"Outstanding Score In A Feature Film" - Sundance, Park City Film Music Festival





Gwendolyn's Los Angeles band includes:

Dave Rodgers (guitar)

Daniel Bertsch (cello)

Elliott Samson (drums)

Gwendolyn (vox, keys, lyrics & music)