"Haunting, soulful and a little naughty."

"This voice of an angel... Gwendolyn is a mesmerizing masterpiece."                  
          - Robin DiMaggio, Music Director, Arsenio Hall Show, Music Director, United Nations

"Her vocals nail the emotion every time."          
          - Robin Frederick, A&R Director, Rhino Records, producer, prolific songwriter and author

"Her music is just what my soul needed."          
          - Mark Sutherland, Static Beach Radio
"f dse."          
          - Gwendolyn's baby girl

Band includes:
Daniel Bertsch (cello)
Dave Rodgers (guitar)
Elliott Samson (drums)
Gwendolyn (lead vox, keys, songwriter)


The Troubadour 

I think there's nothing better than seeing a raw- bare- vulnerable- group of musicians on a stage giving it their all and sometimes KILLING IT.  

Our first gig of the New Year is at the TROUBADOUR.  Not that it's anything to get excited about but.... CAN'T WAIT -CAN'T WAIT -CAN'T WAIT -CAN'T WAIT!!! 

If you're not excited.... http://www.troubadour.com/history If you're still not excited.... JESUS WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US??

So far, 2014 is a good one.  I think we'll be friends....


We played our first national radio show last night, promoting my 2 new singles Kiss Her Like You Mean It, and In The Night!  It was crazy fun!  A quote from the host:  

"I'm so surpirsed by you because actresses who are also singers usualy suck." 

Ha!  We actually got some really amazing responses - humbling.  I'm smiling.  Big.  Like this...  :-D  
So if any of you want to check out the radio show, it will re-air tonight & be on their website for awhile - www.staticbeach.com, or you can watch it on ustream.tv…Read more


Just want to send out an epic size shout out to Static Beach Radio for playing us live last night.  We had a blast and were humbled by the amazing talent surrounding us.  Also want to thank my crazy amazing band- without them, well.... I'd just be sad.  And not good.  And lonely!  I love our laughs, Natalie Irby, Dave Rodgers and Dan Bertsch!  

Time to rock it tonight at House of... ahem... Blues!  

Find the heart of Saturday night...  

A director of the stage once said that to me... and then he elaborated that it's been a life long quest of his.  -To "find the heart of Saturday night."  I just loved it, and although I can't even remember his name now (because I suck), that comment has always stuck with me.  Hello out there theater director guy... remind me your name and I will give you credit!  And free tickets to my next gig.  

Speaking of my next gig.... (like how I did that?)...


Previous events

Gwendolyn, her rad band & You!

Saint Rocke, 142 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Ladies and Fellas, we are back!

After a little break while Gwen made a person, we are back at it and can't wait to perform for you! With new inspiration, we have a lot to share. It will be such a joy to look out onto all of your gorgeous, sexy faces again, while baring our soul and maybe some decolletage... (breastfeeding has its perks).

Opening for Pine Mountain Logs!

Can't wait to make a rad comeback with you rad people!

Band: Dave Rodgers - guitar Daniel Bertsch - cello Elliott Samson - drums Missy Owens - backup vocals Gwendolyn Edwards - lead vox, keys Chris Karkenny - hot roadie who knocked up Gwen

Like: www.facebook.com/gwendolynedwardsmusic Follow: www.twitter.com/gwendolynLA

Love, G


Sagebrush Cantina, Calabassas, CA

LA Calendar Motorcycle show Gwendolyn Edwards band performing with American Idol's Alex Nester at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and Concourse d' Elegance at the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, Sat. 7/25. Sets at 11:45am & 1:30pm

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