Find the heart of Saturday night...

A director of the stage once said that to me... and then he elaborated that it's been a life long quest of his.  -To "find the heart of Saturday night."  I just loved it, and although I can't even remember his name now (because I suck), that comment has always stuck with me.  Hello out there theater director guy... remind me your name and I will give you credit!  And free tickets to my next gig.  

Speaking of my next gig.... (like how I did that?)...

HOUSE OF BLUES, SUNSET STRIP (yes that's the one)
PARISH ROOM (entrance on Sunset, otherwise it's madness)
9PM (so you could plan for 8, and then maybe you'll be on time?)
$10  (Tickets are only available online)

So get your tickets online at

Seriously, get them online.  I'm not dealing with H.O.B. door people anymore.  Pretty please.  

And if you really can’t do it online (really?) because you’re either internet averse (i.e., old), forgetful, or non-committal... then I guess we’ll put a jar out for you... And I may write a song about you.  And if you've been to my live gigs, then you know how that goes...

Love, Gwen


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